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Monday, August 27, 2007

You Haul Sixteen Tonnes

Wolf is sleeping downstairs, so read this very quietly please. And no shouting in the comments or I'll skin you alive!

I haven't blogged a lot during my vacation, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. In fact I've worked my ass off, as you do during your holidays. Apart from the babysitting, I've started the final offensive on the bedroom battlefield. I'm glad to say, it's nearly finished. The ceiling is painted, the wallpaper is holding the walls together and I even installed the electric sockets and switches. The new wardrobe for Mrs. Bart looks as if it's been made by a true professional flatpack maker from Sweden.

There are some more final touches to make, such as the wooden borders between the floor and the walls, and the coverings of the space above the window that holds the mechanism for the blinds, they just need a final coat of paint. And then we can finally start to move the furniture in.

It will be a big move, because when I've dragged our bedroom furniture from the second floor to the new bedroom on the first, I'll have to hoist Wolf's new baby bedroom from Mrs.B's office to the room we now use as a bedroom on the second. It's a nice bedroom, completely in oak. Let me know if you can think of heavier wood to make furniture from...

After that, I can finish Mrs.B's office and get the old wardrobe there from the room where her new office will be once both myself and our wallet have recovered from the current refurbishment/reconstruction. Other things will move from the living room upstairs too. So you see my back is in for some very heavy duty. I will need some good massaging, but since that little weasel moved in Mrs.B. barely notices my suffering anymore, so I'd better get that idea out of my head straight away.

One more week before I have to go back to the office, so much work to do...

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