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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Routine Maintenance

We went to the baby doctor yesterday. Not that there's anything wrong with Wolf. Most of the appendages that came with the original package are still there and our clumsiness doesn't seem to leave permanent damage.

In this country we have a system of free medical check-ups of babies every couple of weeks. Competent people in white jackets also give sound advice to largely incompetent newbie parents, such as ourselves. You also get to meet other largely incompetent parents, which is very reasuring – especially when you find one that is clearly even more incompetent than you are.

Although emancipation has swept across the low countries and fathers have become much more involved in the upbringing of their (alledged) offspring, this kind of venue mainly attracts mothers of the female disposition. Yesterday, I was the only man in the building. So I made a big show of myself trying to impress the ladies with my baby maintenance skills. I even managed not to twist any hands or feet while getting Wolf out of his clothes. I think the male honour was saved there.

Wolf is doing just fine: he crossed the 6 kilo barrier and he's learning new tricks all the time. He's discovering the possibilities of his arms and feet during regular karate sessions. He's getting his head under control, although head butts are still an occupational hazard when I carry him upstairs to bed. And he's discovered a whole new perspective by lying on his tummy and holding up his head at the same time.

The nurse and doctor were both duly impressed and succesfully managed to hide any expressions of boredom when we bragged about our-son-the-wonderchild's exciting live and achievements. They just can't wait to see us again in a month's time, I know they can't.

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