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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cold And Sore

In the news this week: the Northern searoute passage is ice-free. For the first time ships can sail from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific and vice versa along the northern coast of Canada and Alaska. As if the live of polar bears wasn't difficult enough with global warming melting the very ice under their feet, now they have to watch out for containerships and oil tankers when making a dash for the next iceberg.

However, there's no need to panic. The north pole is not disappearing, it is merely moving. To Belgium, where we currently experience unseasonably cold weather. Normally we still have some nice warm late summer days around this time of year. Instead, people are reaching for scarfs, winter coats, long socks and moon boots. Father Christmas has been spotted, checking out industrial zones to relocate his toy empire. Apparently, the wages of Belgian elves are lower than those of their arctic counterparts.

With the early autumn comes early winter fun in the form of dripping noses, sore throats and 120kph sneezes. Ever the trendsetter, my nose was one of the early adopters. But there are worse things. Such as infecting your three-and-a-half-month-old baby. Yesterday, Wolf and daddy were both filling buckets of snot at alarming rates. The poor little guy couldn't sleep and didn't want to eat. So we had a very disturbed night. We put Wolf in our bed, in between the two of us, but he remained very restless. He woke up every forty minutes or so, and woke up half the neighbourhood with his cries.

We all felt like crap this morning when we left for work. Mrs.B. took Wolf to the baby doctor right after work, because the nanny said he barely had slept or eaten all day long. But surprisingly, it's not the cold that's bothering him. He has a canker sore in his mouth and that's what's been bugging him all along.

It's not that he doesn't brush his teeth often enough. He doesn't have any yet.

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