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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Get Out And Stay Out

Alarming phone call from Mrs.B yesterday. She left the house and closed the front door leaving her keys inside. Even worse: she thought that here keys were still in the lock, which meant that waiting for me to arrive made no sense because I wouldn’t be able to open the door with my keys either.

Luckily the baby was not inside, he was still at the day-care.


The good news was that the window on the first floor was open. The bad news was that the blinds were almost completely down. So Mrs.B mobilised half the neighbourhood to get inside again. One neighbour brought a ladder, the other climbed up and squirmed through the narrow gap while the first one pushed the blinds up with a stick. Somehow, no-one got hurt. We have real stunt-neighbours, we have.

Naturally, her keys were not on the door but on the table. So I could’ve simply unlocked the door with my key when I got home.

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