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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mumble Meeting

I had a meeting at Auntie Marianne’s Humanitarian Office yesterday, although I didn’t see her. I guess she must have been in the garden, plucking the last tomatoes and basil from the greenhouse.

Anyway, there was a very important meeting with lots and lots of people. I’d say there were eighty of us, all crammed together in the Red Room, which was decidedly and disappointingly un-red. Another characteristic of this room – with its wall to wall carpet – was that it has very bad acoustics.

Given this setting, the organisers had conveniently decided NOT to use any microphones or megaphones. They also couldn’t be arsed to stand up and speak in a clear voice. We could barely hear them at best, despite regular request to speak up. And often they would sag in their chairs and mumble a bit. To make things worse, there were native English speakers mumbling in French, and native Spanish speakers mumbling in English.

So when my boss asked me the gist of the meeting this morning, my answer was mumblemumblemumblemumblemumblemumble.

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