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Friday, October 19, 2007

Present Dilemma

Tomorrow we celebrate my father’s birthday – actually his birthday was on Wednesday, but tomorrow we get together with the whole family. He’s 62 and he doesn’t have a lot of hobbies apart from classical music and DIY-ing (I know, it runs in the family). So buying a present is no easy feat, because he already has everything there is to have. If we buy a CD, there’s a very real chance that he already has it. And apart from a forty-stories concrete pump or underwater welding gear, there’s not much he doesn’t have in the DIY department either.

Now that people tend to live longer and longer and get wealthier and wealthier in general, maybe we should make a rule that they have to throw away at least half of their hobby stuff every twenty years or so. Then we have a clean slate to begin with and we can buy presents again. Because now the presents we buy get less and less useful with each passing birthday.

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