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Monday, November 05, 2007


Yet again, it was time to mow the tropical rainforest on my head, as cries of jungle beasts kept my out of my sleep. So Mrs.B made an appointment with the hairdressers and last Saturday we hurried into the car. Despite the rush, we didn’t forget the baby. But we did forget the many mandatory maintenance products that should always accompany a baby. Such as spare diapers, and a spare set of clothes. And mobile changing room.

We’re still such amateurs.

The hairdresser’s agenda was crammed to the roof and she was late-late-late. So we had to wait-wait-wait. Luckily, Wolf was a good boy. He waited patiently on my lap. He looked around in the many big mirrors. He seduced every lady in the house. He gurgled and burbled and laughed. And he produced such a humongous load of poo that his nappy couldn’t hold it anymore. It burst at the seams and endless flows of baby waste streamed into his trousers.

I was unaware of all this until I felt something wet seep trough my trousers.

I informed Mrs.B and asked for a spare nappy. Mrs.B informed me that we didn’t have a spare nappy, or spare clothes for that matter. Luckily there was a small supermarket nearby, so Mrs.B rushed over there, while I stayed behind with the little culprit, pretending my trousers weren’t soaking up pee and poo.

The hairdresser was so nice to provide us with a separate room to clean up the mess. From a safety point of view this wasn’t a bad idea, because the fumes might have exploded with all those hairdryers. And the stench might have discoloured some of the ladies’ new permanents.

After many minutes of wiping, Wolf was happily playing in his mother’s arms, not caring at all that he was wearing nothing but his new diaper while everyone was looking at him. The hairdresser cut my hair first, and I pretended not to have wet, smelly pee-stained trousers on.

I guess we won’t forget to take spare nappies and clothes for Wolf the next time we leave the house. Ever.

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