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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Tearing Me Apart

It was a cold morning, so I was glad to get on a warm bus. I found a place next to a young lady, and while I fumbled to get my rucksack off so I could sit down, the bus pulled up.

I think it was doing 30 kph when suddenly an idiot in a white van cut right in front of the bus, crossed the bus lane and took a right into the little street that we were about to cross.

In a reflex he bus driver slammed on the breaks.

The sudden jolt made me shoot forward like a bullet from a gun. Luckily I held on to a support when the whole thing happened, but the fingers of my left hand couldn’t hold me. My back slammed into a steel rail. My right hand clutched onto another support while the rest of my continued the flight to the front of the bus. A vivid image of me splattering in blood against the front windshield flashed before my eyes. But I managed to cling on this time, although the kinetic energy jerked through my whole body when I finally came to a standstill.

I was too stunned to shout protests or insults.

Two days later, my arms still ache as if I’ve been stretched on a torture rack.

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