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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cold November Rain

A chilly polar wind has brought the first sting of winter to the Kingdom of Belgium (both halves of it). As if the freezing wind wasn’t chilling enough, it also brings continuous ice-water showers that jump on anyone foolish enough to forget their umbrellas.

Time to leave the country and head for warmer places then. In two weeks time, I’ll fly to more tropical regions, to Congo to be precise. It will be warm, but also humid as the rainy season begins around this time of year.

It will be an interesting trip, at least in the beginning. Contrary to my previous voyages to Congo, I won’t stay in the capital Kinshasa. I will fly to the West-Kasai province (South-West of Congo) to visit a number of medical centres that my organisation has been rebuilding since the start of the peace process. It’ll be a road trip of some 600 km that will take me a whole week, since the roads are basically crap. Don’t think paved roads, but of a continuous mud strip that has been cleared in the tropical forest.

The second week will be less amusing, with four days of strategic meetings with our local partners. I’ll spare you further details.

This will be the first time that I leave baby Wolf behind. Mrs.B will have to take care of him all alone. I wonder how long it will take to become homesick this time. Before I met my future wife, I was never homesick. After the marriage, I noticed that I really, really missed her after three weeks. Now I hope I make it as far as the airport before I start to cry for my wife and baby.

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