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Thursday, November 22, 2007


So it’s travel time again, tomorrow morning around 10 o’clock my plane takes off and in the early evening I’ll arrive in Congo. The next day I take another plane – although it probably won’t deserve that description. Congolese airway companies are notorious for their unreliability. I’ll be sure to buy a parachute before I leave and a roll of duct tape to secure any parts that come loose during the flight, such as the engines or the wings.

On Sunday we take to the road, paved road at first but unpaved mud baths later on. From then on snails will have a good chance of overtaking us as we plough through the jungle to visit the medical centres that we’re going to evaluate.

Given the often primitive surroundings, internet access will not always be easy – or feasible at all. But long time visitors will remember that I’ll try to keep you posted in the comments of this message, as my blogging system doesn’t allow my to update from anywhere else but my own computer.

*goodbye in Lingala

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