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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bart In Congo

Hello fans,

This is the second time I try to post this, so I hope it passes through. My first attempt was hilarious, but I won't bother with all the work again, so there.

I'm still alive, despite driving 900 km in one week on roads that really don't deserve that name. I've got so much bumps on my bottom that elephants think I got a big ass. But I must admit that the Kasai province in Congo is really beautiful, with tropical rain forests in the north and savannas in the south. I like it so much better than the capital, Kinshasa. People here are very friendly, my right arm hurts from waving at all the children in every village we crossed, and there were thousands of them.

I also have to report that no less than 9 chickens have died beneath the wheels of or jeep. Chickens are really stupid, and our driver drove like mad at times. Another victim was a dog, a very stupid one at that. I suspect its mother was a chicken. Luckily for the poor fella, it didn't end up beneath the wheels, but it did get a mighty scare. The next time it hears a vehicle coming, it'll be up in a tree. The next time will probably be in four months or so, because vehicles are rare here.

I got hit by the runnings twice here, and apart from the bacteria our diet doesn't vary much. It's mostly chicken with rice and 'Foufou', a sticky dough made out of manioc. Although we got 'pilchards' at one place - sardines in tomato sauce. We got it three times in a row, including breakfast. I think I'll skip it now for the next twelve months.

But otherwise I'm fine, I'm back in the capital now. It's bleeding hot and bloody humid here, so we're sweating our way through a strategic workshop. But allow me not to bore you to a painful death with those stories.

So bye for now and don't forget to brush your teeth before you go to sleep.

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