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Saturday, December 22, 2007

White Christmas

It's been snowing! The whole area is covered in a massive layer of snow of at least three milimeter thick. I must fight back a feeling of panic: we have no snow shoes. Neither of us knows how to ski. We'll starve to death in our house if a helicopter doesn't come to our rescue and drops food parcels.

Snow covered trees

It is beautiful though, and I'm glad my little boy gets to see snow in his own country. When I was a kid, we had plenty of winters with stacks of snow. We had snow forts and snow fights and snowmen and we'd take the sled to the hill in the middle of the village and slide down for hours and hours. My little sister wouldn't even wait until I'd dragged the sled up the slope. She'd just run up and jump on whatever sled was ready to leave, much to the bemusment of the other children and her parents. But she'd get away with it, thanks to her bambi eyes and her rosy cheeks. Who could resist her? While I plodded up with that heavy wooden sleigh behind me.

Dove in snow covered pines

Wolf is still too small for all that. And there's no hill in the vicinity of our home. There is an artificial ski slope, with fake snow, but I don't think they allow little children on their sleds. There's also an ice skating rink, so who needs real snow anyway?


To be honest, I don't think that sledding would go well. It's really just a tiny layer of snow. But I'm glad global warming didn't make such wintery scenes a thing of the past all together. Maybe I can still make snowmen with my children, without having to travel to northern Finland.

Old lantern covered with snow  

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