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Friday, December 28, 2007

It's The Season

We had a busy couple of days around Christmas. It started with a visit to some friends on Sunday. They have one baby and another one coming. There were two other couples, each with their own babies, and then there was ours, so we talked about... babies. All the time while four babies in total were demanding fresh nappies, undivided attention, more toys, less toys, and more breasts (I totally supported that demand).

That evening we drove to my mother-in-law's where we slept over. The next day we celebrated Christmas evening, starting around noon because of the... babies. The following morning we drove to my parent's house to celebrate Christmas with a colossal turkey and enormous amounts of gifts. There were only two babies there – including Wolf – but it still was busy.

On Wednessday we stayed at home, but we wasted the opportunity to sit in the sofa and sip hot coco. Instead we ran around and did things in a desperate effort to get some order in that giant pile of garbage that is our house. I tried to clean up the shed, but the lack of heavy machinery made me stop after a couple of hours. I'll get me some dynamite tomorrow to blast away the biggest piles of rubbish.

By contrast, things were extremely calm when I went to work on Thursday. Most people working in Brussels had taken the rest of the week off. No streams of commuters. No maddening noise of the traffic. Almost empty streets.

It reminded me of that time when I was a little kid and I thought we had sports day. So I showed up in my green trainers, wearing sneakers. But then it became painfully apparent that I was one week too early, and I was the only kid in the school wearing sports clothing (at the time it was not done to wear sports clothing for leasure). Despite my desperate attempts to explain that all my clothes were in the washing machine and that this was the only thing I had to wear, the other kids saw right through my ploy and I was the joke of the day.

I had the same feeling that Thursday morning, asif I was the only person thinking he had to go to work, when all the rest of the country was still lying in bed. That feeling didn't disappear on my work, there were only three of us in our service, out of the twenty or so people that work there normally. Lunch break was eery too, asif we were punished to sit there in a small bunch in the kitchen.

Today there were more people at work, both in the city and at the organisation, but I will be glad when things turn to normal.

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