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Thursday, January 03, 2008


We have a wireless network at home. That's not really astonishing news, but it is supposed to be a wired network. I went at great lenghts to pull cables throughout our house, drilling holes in walls and floors, fixing wires in the wall or underneath the stairs, trying to hide everything as much as possible.

But now we have a wireless network, because the cats have eaten the wires. That's right, they've gnawed right through solid Cat5e UTP network cable. We've put them on a diet recently, because they were really getting to fat. But it's not asif they are starving with hunger, not nearly enough to make them eat electrical wiring when there are plenty of doves and crows in the garden to hunt down. Which they do with great regularity; I've found the remains of a pigeon only last weekend.

So now Mrs.B can't print from her new laptop downstairs on her new printer-fax-telephone-copier-scanner-espresso machine in her office upstairs. And she can't reach her files on the laptop from the computer that she uses for emailing.

It won't be long before she can't use her laptop anyway: I've noticed that the cats have gnawed half through the cable of her mouse too. She will be forced to use that slide-your-finger-over-the-square thingy, which is a bloody nuisance to use. When I tried it, I opened all sorts of applications and documents and stuff.

But then again, it is only natural that cats chew on mice.

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