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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bart Awards

Wouldn't you know, I'm nominated for the Belgian blog awards, or Bwards. I thought the 'b' stood for Bart, but then I found it refered to my fatherland, which is also nice.

I found out by accident, because a number of people started dropping by from the Bwards site. I checked it out and apparently you can vote for your favourite websites. It's just the first round, so there are about 3000 people in front of me, and I don't really suspect that I could win. I mean, who would vote for me? You know me, dear readers, I'm by far not vain enough to rally people to vote for me. Modesty is my middle name. Quality, not quantity is what matters – although getting a higher ranking would certainly lure more readers in my nets.

Of course I wouldn't mind if you would actually go over there and vote for me. I leave it entirely up to you, no pressure for or against it. As I said, I couldn't care less about the whole thing.

Now off you go. To any site of your liking I mean, it's entirely your choice.

Posted by Bart at 9:01 PM
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