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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Moving Up

It seems just a blink of an eye ago that we held this little fragile mini-baby in our hands. Our Wolfy is growing fast and learning new tricks, such as:

  • Sitting up on his own (and licking cows).

Baby Wolf and his favourite (toy) cow  

  • Eating bread - or rather, turning it into a mushy ball of slime that he can spit out if he has enough. On the other hand, he'd eat the whole bread if you would let him.

Wolf 'eating' bread  

  • Swimming, soaking his mother and sucking on FOUR fingers at a time.

Wolf in bath  

  • Playing on his belly

Wolf on his belly  

I'm very pleased with this last picture, because I would never have been able to take it without my new flash. I bounced the light on the ceiling here, to prevent the bars from casting shadows on Wolf and his toys. The toys are an additional challenge in taking pictures of Wolf in his play pen, because there are generally so many of them that it's difficult to spot the baby.

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