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Friday, January 25, 2008


Finally, after two months of hard labour, the report of my reconstruction project in Congo was finished. I included a lot of (technical) pictures, so I decided to print it in colour. The only catch is that I work on the third floor, while the colour printer is located on the first. And taking the elevator takes ages, which is not what you want when you're all tensed because of the millions of things you must think of and you have an endless stream of last-minute problems that keep popping up.

So I ran up and down the whole day to check on that bloody mix between a printer and the bastard child of a sloth and a lazy tortoise. Out of paper! Out of ink! Out of paper again! Other print jobs pending!

Up and down I ran, at first taking two steps at a time at first, then one at a time, and in the end I hade to rest every five steps or so. Yes, I am in bad shape after the yearly stuff-your-gob-a-thon that is the month of December. And I admit that my decision to take the stairs may have been inspired by the moans and groans of my scales – not to mention the looks my wife's been giving me lately. If I continue like this, I may have to take drastic measures, like exercising. Although cutting off a leg may be a more realistic option.

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