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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This Is Spinal Crap

I took the week off, so I've been working my ass off at home. New DIY projects await me; 2008 has already started a month ago, so high time to get in gear. But before I can start breaking down walls and ceilings, I need a bit of space to work.

So this week I've been busy with my manhood, slapping some wood on it to be precise, to stop the leaking. I'm talking about my shed of course. One wall was made of old wooden blinds and when it rained, the water just seeped through. This made the tools on the shelves in front of that wall rust. So out with that old ugly wall and replace it with new planks.

I thought it was going to be easy, one day's work at most. But then I'd forgotten how the previous owners built things: with colossal pieces of lumber and twenty inch nails. To make things worse, there were two concrete pillars to remove as well and the shops were clean out of dynamite. On the positive side, my parents gave me a pneumatic hammer/drill for my birthday, so I finally had the chance to try it out. Together with some mean angle grinder action, those pillars were gone in no time. Well, in under four hours. One of them did scrape my leg as it went down, and if my sweater hadn't got caught in one of the iron reinforcement bars, it would probably have slit my leg right open. Isn't DIY loads of fun?

Anyway, I got that new wall mostly up by yesterday evening and I had to hurry today to finish it (in the rain) and paint it once the sun came out for a couple of hours. So the shed is almost finished, but so is my back. I'm trying to keep it as straight as possible while I type this, but it's hurting a lot. In fact, I had a lot of pain in my back lately, and these last few days did no good at all. I'll probably be all stiff tomorrow, so I can spend the rest of my vacation like a plant in front of the television.

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