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Monday, March 03, 2008

In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle

Congo (RDC) - Women waiting at a maternity  

Women waiting at the maternity.

Congo (RDC) - Jeep stuck in the 'brousse'  

If your jeep gets stuck at the middle of the jungle, getting out can be a challenge. I simply couldn't get the door open, so I had to clamber over the gear shift and get out at the other side, where I almost sunk knee deep into the mud.

Congo (RDC) - girl with braids  

Congo (RDC) - children at a construction site  

After this we left the main "road" behind us and headed into the jungle, to Mushenge, the capital of the Kuba people.

Congo (RDC) - river through the jungle  

Congo (RDC) - old bridge over jungle river  

This old bridge was built by the Belgians and hasn't seen much maintenance since the colonisation ended. A similar bridge that we had to cross later that week had collapsed under the weight of an overcharged truck. A lot of people lost their lives during that accident.

Congo (RDC) - bamboo on the edges of a jungle stream  

Congo (RDC) - bamboo in a jungle river  

Our local contacts assured us that there were no more crocodiles here...

Congo (RDC) - giant spider web in a tree  

I noticed this giant spider web AFTER we had walked underneath it. It was larger than I am and you can still see the remains of the last poor soul who was devoured by the spider. Luckily she wasn't at home, probably went to the pharmacist to get something for her indigestion.

Congo (RDC) - Kuba tribal mask  

A Kuba tribal mask. Their king still has his court at the jungle town of Mushenge. Entering the domain - which lies on the edge of the forest - is strictly forbidden. Strictly, in the sense that anyone caught in between his many wives will be executed instantly.

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