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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Tearing Down The Walls

Official confirmation that I’m not dead. My absence in blogland is due to the fact that the new DIY-season has started – which is perhaps a fate worse than death. Not that I’m hammering away 24 hours a day, but the place I’m currently refurbishing (read: slamming to pulp) is the room where my computer was located. So obviously I had to move it, and the only empty spot I found was in our bedroom, right next to the baby’s bed. And as we all know, babies sleep a helufalot – even when their daddies break down walls – so the access to my computational entertainment device is currently heavily restricted.

My father and brother helped me this weekend remove the fake wood panelling on the walls. As usual, the previous owners had secured every little piece of wood or panelling with nine inch nails. We crammed our nearly new car with all the debris and drove to the recycling yard, but half of our second carload was refused because the container for ‘inflammable construction waste’ was stuffed to the rim.

I also devised a revolutionary new way to remove wall paper: tear down the wall – build new wall – hang new wallpaper. No more mucking about with wall paper remover or steam dispensers. Just a solid hammer and you’re good to go. Apart from two walls, I also tore out two ceilings.

I only suffered minor injuries, three blows to the head to be exact, so nothing vital was hit. I succeeded in preventing any irrational outbursts of anger by ventilating my feelings in a positive way through the complete and utter destruction of the innate pieces of junk that caused my pain, swearing so loud that the neighbours’ kids have to go in therapy. But otherwise, work is progressing just fine.

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