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Friday, May 16, 2008

World Class Photography

I've been discovered! My pictures have reached international acclaim! My work will be published! Can you believe it?

I got a message last week from a kind lady, asking very kindly if I would be so kind to let them use one of my pictures for a booklet. They found these pictures on my weblog of a native woman in the Amazon rain forest of Ecuador preparing a local alcoholic drink know as chicha.

Ecuadorian woman making chicha

The booklet is about the dangers of alcohol abuse and there will be a part about the history of alcohol. It's an initiative from the Foundation for a drug-free world.

Sheila, the woman who contacted me, is a photographer herself and she said she liked my pictures very much. So naturally, my ego inflated to the point where I had to agree to send her the pictures asap. I won't get any money for this, it's just for the honour and in the knowledge that this will be the first step to becoming a Magnum photographer.

Oh, and to the people who've known me during my college years: the fact that I contribute to a publication about the dangers of alcohol is no reason to start sniggering, giggling, laughing behind your hand, laughing out loud, guffawing or mass histerical laughter. Thank you.

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