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Monday, May 26, 2008

Heavy Goods Vehicle

A collection of random facts:

  • Wolf is almost one year old, and we’re having a giant big fun birthday party next Sunday. A garden party, if the weather permits (weather forecasts are rather bleak at the moment).
  • Before the weekend, there was one metric tonne of ex-chimney lying on the roof of the annexe. There was also one point five metric tonnes of bricks, cement and dust lying in the two rooms upstairs that one day – knock on wood – will be a solicitor’s office and a bathroom.
  • Next Thursday, all the bits and pieces of our new central heating system will be delivered. Everything will have to be stacked into those two rooms that two days ago were warehouses of dust and debris.
  • Before the weekend, our garden looked like a dumping ground for industrial waste, the only thing that lacks is a rusty car wreck sticking out of the building waste.

So I slaved like a maniac the last couple of days, in a ridiculous attempt to haul everything to the recycling park. During the weekend, it’s only open on Saturdays from 8AM to 4PM, and you can be sure there are endless cues. I managed to drive up and down three times in one day. Every time, the car was jammed with big bags of stone, concrete and dust (Oh, the dust!) to the point were the wheels were less than an inch away from the wheel bays. This is gonna cost us a fortune in shock absorbers.

But after two days of hard labour, the results are there: all the bricks and mortar are gone, together with most of the dust. Although I left quite a bit throughout the house – we’ll have some cleaning up to do before the guests arrive. And the garden actually looks a bit like a garden now, with patches of green showing up between the decorative mounds of broken up concrete. And I cleaned up the two rooms I’m working in so that we have a place to store the radiators.

I, on the other hand, feel like a pudding with lumps.

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