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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Choo Choo

A couple of weeks ago, we were at my sister's to celebrate mother's day. She lives close to the park of her home town Turnhout, where right that day the annual Park Days were held. There's always a lot to do, including concerts, sports and games, and this:

Model railroad in Turnhout (Belgium)  

The park has its very own model railroad, courtesy of the local railfans. Each train you see here is handmade, a painstaking labour of love.

Model railroad in Turnhout (Belgium)  

Especially the models of old steam locomotives are stunning. Just look at that amount of detail, all built exactly to scale.

Model railroad in Turnhout (Belgium)  

Model railroad in Turnhout (Belgium)  

Even the magnificent station is a replica of the train station of Turnhout as it used to be. Turnhout is a city on the border between Belgium and Holland, and it used to be an important train hub. When the rail connection with the Netherlands was cut, the station went into decline and this magnificent structure ended on the scrap heap. But thanks to the modellers, the old glory relives in scale.

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