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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

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Monday I had an excruciatingly boring day at the office, so remember me to describe it all in detail at some later time. But the evening brought the prospect of an international bloggers meet in Brussels. I'm not really the kind of person that enjoys mass venues, but after turning down the last fifteen or so invitations, it was really time to meet and greet some of the people whose blogs I read regularly – or not regularly – or never before.

Zoe and her much beloved Twat were there, but for the rest I hadn't met anyone before. For a moment I thought I really had a knack for the Liverpudlian dialect, but Scouse Doris was apparently born in a more posh part of town than the Beatles.

Some people came all the way from the Land of Brom, in a balloon! Of course, balloons are notoriously difficult to control and it's a miracle he arrived only an hour late. A number (equally to or less than one) of Spanish Goths invaded our lovely spot under the Old Oak tree, but in general they behaved. And then there was Joliet Jake (who has a hilarious blog).

I also got acquainted with Honey, full time disaster magnet and currently recovering from a veritable tidal wave of problems. So I'm glad we didn't get struck by lightning or attacked by Martians or something like that.

More and more people arrived, and more and more drinks, so understanding and remembering names became difficult. As the evening went on, I thought I wouldn't meet the person I was hoping to see the most. When we finally found out who it really was that we've been staring at for the last half hour, it was almost embarasing. But it was a great honour to finally meet Lady Daphne in person.

Sadly, time, tide and Belgian trains wait for no-one (although time and tide don't go on a strike every bloody four and a half days). So I had to rush to the train station for a two-hour-ride home. But I made a couple of new friends that I'll be seeing around on their respective blogs.

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