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Friday, August 22, 2008

I’m So Excited

In ten days, on the first of September, it’s Mrs.B’s birthday. And I’ve prepared a BIG surprise, because it’s not just any old birthday. In a bit more than one week, my lovely lust-object will celebrate her thirtieth year on this merry blob of dirt in space. Imagine that: three whole decades. Naturally, this calls for sarcastic remarks about ageing and wrinkles and going downhill and grey hair and so on, all in good fun of course.

But back to that BIG surprise. It’s not just a big surprise, anyone can claim to have a big surprise these days. It’s an enormous surprise, even a humongous surprise. I don’t think I’ve surprised her this much ever since I asked her to marry me (which was in fact not a surprise at all because she ordered me to do so, it was only the exact moment that she didn’t know about).

The last couple of days, I’ve done nothing but being all mysterious about the BIG surprise, just bragging about how truly fantastic it will, without giving too many clues about it. You see, I want to get her to be so curious she’ll almost burst at the seams. It could be anything she’s been dreaming (secretly) about, like:

  • A weekend in a naturist camp (better hope the weather improves then)
  • A day-trip to Paris
  • A night in a swingers club
  • A weekend in that nice hotel in Spa, like the one she gave me for my birthday a couple of years ago (she’d been bragging about her BIG surprise for weeks then, but you know me: I’m too big a man to show any desire for revenge)
  • A day at a nudist beach (see remark about the weather above)
  • A helicopter flight from Bruges (were she was born) to Antwerp (where she lives thirty years later)
  • A nice long walk around town (given the current state of our budget)
  • Or nothing of the above (would I be so careless to mention it on my blog, knowing that she reads if from time to time?)

Oooooh, it will be such a BIG, BIG, BIIIIIIG surprise.

And as a bonus I got you all worked up now

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