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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tourist Attractions

Finally, the long awaited pictures of our trip to...

Weekend London  

Lloyds building - London  

Stern of an old sail freighter - St Catherine Docks - London  

Southwark - London  

Southwark - London  

Seventies LSD trip turned into a statue - London  

Seventies LSD trip turned into a statue (2) - London  

Entrance to China Town - London  

Old & new: an old church seen through a modern glass building - London  

Houses of Parliament Clock Tower with Big Ben - London  

Obligatory picture n°1: the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament, housing the famous Big Ben.

Small statue in door frame of Westminster Abbey - London  

Heavily guarded entrance to Downing Street - London  

Why every tourist has to flock to the entrance of Downing Street is beyond me. I mean, there is absolutely nothing to see, apart from fences, CCTV cameras, barbed wire, armed police personnel, road barriers, etc. You can't even get a glimpse of n°10. For all we know, it's all a hoax. In reality, the PM lives somewhere in Surrey or Lincolnshire or Scotland.

The pond in Sint James' Park - London  

St-James' Park, where geese rule the lawns.

Trousers covered in geese poo  

And there they are, my beige shorts covered in geese poo.

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