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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner

Here are some more sights from the capital of flat beer, rainy days, Horse Guards and geese poo...

Enormous English breakfast  

What better way than to start the day with a breakfast of epic proportions? Mrs.B is enjoying the normal sized breakfast, while yours truly was about to attack the full-option farmers' breakfast. Sure gets you through the day!

London - the old market at Covent Garden  

The Covent Garden Market

Punch and Judy sign - London  

London - Australian street artist break-dancing  

Darth Vader's secret love child, from Australia and currently touring through Europe.

London - one of the 5000 invisible men living in the greater London area  

There is an invisible man on every corner of every street. It's a real invasion!

London - Dilbert's English cousin  

Dilbert has a cousin in London.

London - crowded Underground carriage  

London - roller blading in Hide Park  

London - guards at Buckingham Palace  

Obligatory picture n°2: a Horse Guard that's lost his horse. They stand like this for hours on end, not moving a muscle.

London - the guard moved!  

But this one really had to go to the loo.

London - entrance to the Comedy Store  

Now this is what I call a monument.

London - my foot is a foot long  

On Trafalgar Square, behind Nelson's Column, there are these markings that show you how big a yard, a foot etc. is. And it is very accurate too, here you can see that a foot is exactly the length of my foot. Or to put it differently: one english foot is a European size 44.

Also notice that I changed pants after the incident.

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