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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Now Boarding

I know it's been quiet over here, but the international bank crisis has hit the Bartlog mansion hard. Not that we have any bonds, stock, gold, diamonds or anything that remotely resembles money. But let's just say that my chances of becoming a millionaire are as remote as ever.

Blogwise, it will remain calm, as I set sail (or wing) to the Slightly More Democratic Republic of the Congo. I can't tell you how much I look forward to tomorrow's flight: it's an 11-hour haul via Angola. I'll be back in ten days, loaded with pictures, tropical diseases and a wagon load of sweaty clothes. It's not the best period to go to Kinshasa, the weather's generally hot and humid this time of year.

In principle, I will have access to internet, but currently you have a bigger chance of winning the loto in Kinshasa than getting any electricity. If I do manage to find a diesel-powered computer and modem, I'll keep you all posted in the comments, as usual.

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