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Monday, November 17, 2008

A Normal Week-end

We went to The Big City last Saturday, meaning to Antwerp – which is a metropolis to Belgian standards but would be a small town (500.000 inhabitants) in many other countries. Nevertheless, it was lovely to just stroll around and look at people and shops, instead of rushing quickly-quickly to fetch this or fetch that. Ok, I had to take an hour of clothes-shopping for granted, because Mrs.B needed some trousers and then a T-shirt or two to go with them. But you can’t get bored in a large convenience store, at least not with a toddler that’s just learned to run and who loves to play hide and seek between all those racks with clothes. Not to mention the fun he had when he discovered the dressing rooms. In which one did mummy hide? Well let’s find out by opening every curtain until we find mummy.

So I spent an hour or so trying not to notice big bums in white under garments or various sizes of braziers or the various unclad body parts while ducking after my offspring with a red head.

In other news, Saint-Nicolas has arrived in Belgium and because old Nick comes by boat from Spain, the port of Antwerp is his first stop here. Thousands of kids and their parents were roaming the city, while St-Nick’s politically incorrect black helpers (it’s soot, it’s got nothing to do with African descent and a white supremacist for a boss, honestly) climbed onto terraces and roof tops.

Wolf was not impressed.

He did like the Belgian waffle though, nice and warm and with chocolate sauce. Unlike his mother, he didn’t get covered in chocolate though. He’s such a well-behaved boy. He takes that from me, you know.

When night fell, we enjoyed the relatively warm weather and the old city with its beautiful lighting and Christmas decoration. It felt so great that I didn’t have to break down walls and tear open floors all weekend long. We haven’t had a normal weekend for months and months, we really should do this more often.

On the other hand, you appreciate these things more when you’ve missed them for so long.

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