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Saturday, November 22, 2008

House Warming Party

It’s alive! ALIVE!

Or rather, it works. My DIY buy-the-kit/decipher-the-manual/tear-down-the-house-without-a-clue central heating system. The day before yesterday a technician came over to fire up the boiler. My installation was fully approved – apart from a vent I have to place on the other collector and a pressure safety that was upside-down. We can now make warm water without burning up a fully loaded LNG tanker each time.

And we have heating in every room, apart from the hall-way because you never open the radiators there anyway and not in the kitchen either because the gas stove and the oven provide enough heat and anyway there isn’t even a door between the kitchen and the diner room so it gets warm anyway and…

I’m as happy as a child.

Not only because I pulled it off (without ruining a 5000 € investment), but also because this means that after months of non-stop work I can finally enjoy a free weekend now and then. Or as much as you can get a free weekend with a toddler running around and a wife that’s managing the social calendar.

And there are other perks too: winter sex will be so much easier without 400 blankets and duvets and animal pelts on my back (or on her back, depending on who’s burning the calories).


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