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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Alone On The Web

What is it with you people? Alcyon hasn’t updated his blog since the end of October. Keith considered halting his blog altogether but then decided to turn it into a journal about his general interests. Worst of all, lady Daphne has decided that being the focal point of the Brussels’ High Society and blogging don’t go together, so she has ended her weblog altogether.

A couple of months ago, Invader Stu stopped his conquest of the Netherlands, which was a real shame because it was the only weblog that explained its posts by means of simple drawings. Finally something I could really understand, but now its gone (although he claims he’s just taking a break). Sim didn’t update for a while, but at least she had a valid excuse.

And Twenty bloody f*ck piss c*nt Mayor has turned his blog into a freaking shit hell damned forum, would you believe it. Finally, since Steph moved back from Norway to the USA (she really must have had an allergy for George W Bush), her weblog sagged like a soufflé gone wrong. Mrs.T was a goner too, but now she's back.

Is this the end of blogging as we now it?

Posted by Bart at 8:54 PM
Categories: ICT - Inevitable Computer Troubles

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