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Monday, December 22, 2008

That Was The Week That Was

Everybody knows that the yearend is a busy period, but last week we really felt the strain. Last Saturday, Mrs.B and I wanted to celebrate my birthday by going out for diner to the big city. Our plan was to wonder around and see if we could find a nice restaurant. But at the last moment, our babysitter called in sick, so we had to unearth a new one. Everyone we called was unavailable, some people even ran to Egypt, which is a bit exagerated because Wolf is a good boy most of the time. Finally, the our left door neighbours returned from their Christmas shopping and they were happy to look after our little guy.

It was frrrrrreezing cold in the city, so after twenty minutes we just ran to this Thaï restaurant I'd been wanting to try for ages. And I must say, it was a good choice. I had bits of molten lava in cream of sun sauce, while Mrs.B had the megaton explosion with various vegetables. It was so hot, that the next day I almost succeeded in melting the toilet bowl when I was doing a number two.

Finding a babysitter that wouldn't infect our little boy was important, because on Tuesday he had to go to the hospital to get holes drilled into his ear drums to insert drainage pipes. That should deal with the non-stop sequence of colds and ear infections. While he was at the nose-ear-troath-and-various-plumbings doctor, Mrs.B also made an appointment to get her ears checked. She'd been complaining that she didn't hear well on one side, and I think she's almost deaf at the other side. That, or she just doesn't listen to what I say. Anyway, one thing led to another, and she went under the C/T scanner the day before Wolf's operation.

Wednessday wasn't exactly a quiet day either. Mrs.B got an offer for a new job, which came just in time because she was desperatly trying to leave her current blood sucking, slave driving, money robbing boss. But the elation of the first moment also brought fear and dread as she had to announce her resignment the next day. It was almost too much to take, and the tension meter went way into the red that day.

But now at least it looks asif 2009 will bring some good fortunes towards the our little family. Which is good, because we could do with a psychological, financial, physical and emotional break.

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