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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Winter In Zeeland

It's been cold these past few days - to Belgian standards that is. The freezing wind and the low sun reminded me of our weekend in the Dutch province of Zeeland last year.

Kite rider's kite on the beach in Zeeland (Netherlands)  

We were staying in a holiday resort on an isle between the North sea and two salt water lakes. The wide beaches are excellent playgrounds for all kinds of wind-powered toys, like these kite riders.

Kite rider at full speed on the beach in Zeeland (Netherlands)  

Kite rider on the beach in Zeeland (Netherlands)  

Mrs.B on the beach with a kite in the background  

Little wolf in his buggy, tucked in against the cold winter gusts  

Although there was not a lot of wind (phew for that), it still was very cold. But for Wolf, it must have been nice and warm in his fifteen layers of clothing, blankets, duvets, sleeping bags, etc.

Mrs.B is carrying the sun under her arm  

My true love brings sunshine in my life.

Sunset over the North Sea  

Seagull on a post in the marina of the holiday centre  

Sea defense in Zeeland (Netherlands)  

That's the Dutch for you: always building things in the water.

View on a salt water lake, separated from the North Sea by a dyke  

Our holiday house  

We went to Zeeland to celebrate my mother's birthday. And this was the very festive house in which we were staying. You have to admit it looks very much like a birthday cake. Just needs some giant candles on top, and a bit of sugar frosting.

View on the dunes in Zeeland (Netherlands)  

In contrast to Belgium, the Netherlands still have a real coast line with dunes and tide pools and inlets and beaches and so on. Nothing like the wall of concrete that borders the small strip of sandy beaches in my poor country. As for the dunes: I think we still have three. Maybe three and a half.

Shrubs on a dune in Zeeland (Netherlands)  

Dragging the buggies through the dunes  

Here you see my family dragging the babies in their buggies through the soft sand of the dunes. On the left my sister and her husband, with my mother in the back between them. On the right Mrs.B with my father peeping over her shoulder. Notice that it took considerably less effort to get Wolf in his all-terrain 3x3 turbine-powered buggy through the sand, while sis and B-I-L had to pull and heave little Hebe all the way to the hard sand near the beach.

The tides left wave-shaped forms in the sand of the beach (Zeeland - Netherlands)  

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