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Thursday, January 08, 2009

2009 Sucks

It's freezing cold, temperatures here are dropping as low as minus ten (°C). It snowed during the weekend, and the streets are covered in grey slush while the sidewalks have more in common with ice rinks. I have to risk life and limb every morning to get to the bus stop, where I wait until my nose drops off and icicles hang off my ears for a bus that is always late. On Monday, I had to play Super-bus-passenger and come to the rescue because all the traffic in the main road to the train station got blocked. Some idiot parked two containers on the road, and because we Belgians loose every ounce of intelligence once we haul our arses in our cars, it was a total gridlock. So Super-bus-passenger got out of the bus, persuaded two cars to get lost, helped the bus driver to drive back so that the truck and the bus coming from the other direction could advance. And then we had to make a run for it, because a new batch of morons were ready to block everything once again, and my powers only go that far.

The trains have been running late all week long. Just a tiny bit of snow and frost and the whole system falls in shambles. And it's soooo much fun to wait on a freezing platform for thirty minutes to an hour. Both the morning and evening services suffer from these delays, so I get out of the house in the very early morning and it's very late before I can stick my feet into my slippers.

And yesterday, when I finally made it home, the largest pile of dirty dishes in the universe was waiting for me.

Boy, I hope 2010 will be a better year.

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