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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Virus Alert

We've had a fun couple of days, here at the Centre for the Development of Humongously Infectuous Children's Epidemics. Wolf was a little bit ill, in the sense that rivers of yellow muck were squirting out of his ears. As if a double ear infection wasn't enough, he topped it of with a nice little bronchitis.

During the day, he was tired and clingy and in pain. During the night, he was awake and clingy and in pain. We put him into the little fold-up bed in our sleeping room, because at one point we were afraid that he'd choke to death in his own snot. So we didn't sleep that well since, well as long as I can remember. I think by now we're known as the zombie family from down the street in our neighbourhood. Mrs.B is slipping further down the path of death, taking over some of his bacteria in a futile attempt to releave his pain. For once, I missed out on the general virus frenzy, but just for writing me my bad karma will see to it that I'll be struck by lightning when I leave the house tomorrow morning.

Because in all likelyhood he can kill a child at twenty paces just by breathing in its general direction, Wolf was also banned from the daycare centre. I had a fun extra day off work this Monday, trying to keep him entertained and slime-free until he was getting too tired and too whiny and it was time to drag him to bed again. To top it all off, he has mastered an ancient Chinese form of self defense, so getting him up or down a flight of stairs is a real adventure now.

We banned him to his grand-parents for the rest of the week. I'm guessing that he'll be just the little angel over there, not throwing food around or having any tantrums.

I miss him.

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