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Saturday, February 07, 2009


Finally found some time to check out the pictures of my sister's brand new baby boy, Ibe.

Baby Ibe in the arms of his mummy  

Baby Ibe with his mummy  

The proud father  

The proud father

The proud teddy bear  

The proud teddybear

Baby Ibe with his godmother  

The proud godmother (picture taken by the proud godfather - that's me!)


I don't like taking pictures in maternity wards. Lighting conditions are generally horrible, with a single TL light hanging on the wall. Outside, it was grey winter weather, so there wasn't a lot of natural light coming in. In such circumstances, my standard kit lens just doesn't produce nice photos. Often, I switch to black-and-white to get more or less decent pictures.

Wolf was a little bit jealous  

Seeing his mom with another baby in her arms made someone a teensy weensy little bit jealous. So we got the enjoy The Big Wolf Show, in which he showed off all his party tricks.

Wolf playing on the hospital bed  

Without any scrupules, he chased poor old sis out of her bed and claimed it as his own. Then he feasted on the sandwiches we'd brought for him. At least he shared a bit with Ibe's teddybear.

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