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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oil Shortage

I almost blew up the deep fryer today. Plugged it in without realising that I hadn't put any vegetable oil into the thing when I last cleaned it. It's totally understandable, since generally I only clean it after every 1420 times. The manual says I should change the oil every 10 times, but I can only assume that's a printing error.

Anyway, heating up the deep fryer without any oil will make explode in a white ball of flame, or maybe just burn up with a sizzle, or make it terminally malfunction – so it's not good.

What's more, the Belgian law doesn't take this kind of misdemeanor against any items so vitally important for the production of the holy (all rise please) Belgian Fries (you may be seated again) lightly. Killing a deep fryer is a capital offense.

Good thing Mrs.B smelled something funny. I was quick to grasp the situation, so I scrambeled to the kitchen on my new slippers, without any regards for passing cats. I arrived just in time to prevent the drama.

Close call there!

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