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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Ever since I returned from Africa, I've been so busy both at work and at home that I found no time to frolic around on internet, visit the blogs that I like or update my own Bartlog from time to time. So it's not that I'm dead, it's more that I've been to busy to live.

There's always a lot of work to do after a trip to the field, but this time it was really madness. Suffice to say that I've been staring at accountancy records until I knew every invoice by heart. Oh joy! At home I've been trying to take the future bathroom a bit further from the previous state of being just a pile of rubble to the lucious Roman bathing temple that it will one day be when everything's finally finished. Depressingly, despite toiling every weekend a casual observer wouldn't notice any progress at all, since I've been doing most of the technical installations – you know, pipes and drains and more pipes and stuff. So now it just looks like a ruin with excellent plumbing.

Next Sunday I'm leaving again for Central Africa, for two weeks. I'll leave my loved ones in this pile of rubble with its excessive drainage, all covered in dust – I've had to break through a couple of walls, floors and the odd foundation wall. And if all's well, things should slow down a bit for the summer. Or they'll have to lock me away into a mental asylum. But all in all, it'll be much quieter.

I'm looking quite forward to that mental asylum, actually.

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