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Thursday, August 13, 2009


At 1:30 AM all is peace and quiet in our house, while outside thieves and roberers search their way and vampires hide in dark portals waiting for a foolish blonde maiden to come their way. In the master bedroom, I'm going crescendo to a grande finale in masterpiece in Snore flat.

Then suddenly, I get whacked in the face. Panick stricken, I awake while a hand claws violently in my eyes. It's like someone is trying to kill me and I start fighting back! I try to get a grip on the arm of my attacker.

'What are you doing ?!?!', I yell to Mrs.B.

She stares at me in confusion and bewilderment.

'I thought that Wolf was falling out of bed', she mutters.

'You daft woman, Wolf is in his own bed.'

'It was a bad dream', she explains, half apologising.

I grumble and try to go back to sleep, the adrenalin still pumping trough my veins.

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