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Monday, September 07, 2009

Punching In

Well, that was that. After a last well-deserved holiday in France, it's back to the chain gang. The taste of sea-food still lingers in my mouth and at night I can still hear the seagulls (or rather the storm wind beating the walls of our little cabin).

The weather was a bit of a spoiler in the end, although the week started off with temperatures up to 28°C (about a 1000° Fahrenheit I think). As a consequence, I had to sleep face down for a couple of nights, but at least Wolf and I had great fun in the swimming pool and on the beech. Mummy joined us only once, I think she prefers swimming in molten lava over water. The merest cloud in the sky and she's turning over the suitcases in search of a thick sweater.

But then the storm clouds came in and the last couple of days we let the gusts of wind blow us inland to seek calmer weather. Not that we found any, so there are plenty of pictures of us walking through various cities and places in yet another downpour. The last day, we sought our entertainment indoors and went to Nausicaa, an infotainment-zoo-aquarium-museum in Boulogne-sur-Mer. Wolf had a blast running from one fish-tank to the other. I think the penguins were his favourite, finally an animal that was exactly his size.

That final visit brought the total score on 695 pictures, some of which will be featuring here in the coming days.

Only 351 more days and we can hit the road again. - Sigh -

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