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Wednesday, December 02, 2009


A couple of weeks ago on a rainy day, we crossed the border to visit Amsterdam. It must have been almost twenty years since I've been there the last time, but not that much had changed: the canals were still there.

Tulips, thousands of tulips, hundreds of thousands of tulips, millions of tulips...  

Tulip, anyone?

The leaning tower of Amsterdam  

Bart-friendly city  

Amsterdam is a very Bart-friendly city.

Kalverstraat in Amsterdam  

The Kalverstraat - Amsterdam's main shopping street (for non-hallucinogetic items).

Wolf and Mrs.B  

Wolf with his cool Siberian winter hat

Cocoa moustache  

Guess who had hot cocoa?

Tricycle taxi in Amsterdam  


Bikes on the Damplein in Amsterdam  

Somwhere underneath this pile of bikes lies the famous Damplein.

I'm seeing pink elephants everywhere  

I first saw these elephant statues on Invader Stu's blog and I was so pleased to see them for real. Wolf loved them too. They are scatered trought the city and painted in all sorts of colours and themes. This is clearly an Indian elephant.

'Indian' elephant in Amsterdam  

The 'Walletjes'

Mrs.B was feeling peckish and wanted a little something. Yes, it's the 'Walletjes', Amsterdam's famous red light district. Wolf liked it too, because there were a lot of shops with 'balloons'. That's when we decided to set another course.

Fresh herring

The local cuisine is simple but delicious, if you like raw herring with bits of onions that is.

Canal in Amsterdam

Canal in Amsterdam

17th century social welfare

Social welfare in the 17th century: it's pretty clear who the clients were.

Draw bridge in Amsterdam

Canal in Amsterdam

Canals, more canals, with boats, and more boats. And many, many more boats.

Soft drug shop in Amsterdam

You have 'champignon de Paris' and you have 'champignon d'Amsterdam'. Do not serve the latter in a cream sauce with your steak.

Wolf reads the menu card

Time for a snack, after such a long walk. Do they have hot cocoa here?

Canal in Amsterdam

Ok, the VERY last picture of a canal.

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