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  Breed Standard : 1892  

General Aspects of the Race:

The Belgian Shepherd is an intelligent and rustique dog, adapted to outdoor life, built to withstand the wheather and seasonal changes which are characteristique for the Belgian climate.  As well as its innate skill at guarding flocks, it also possess the highly prized qualities of the best guard dog of property.  If needed, he is, without hesitation, a stubborn and fierce defender of his master.

The Belgian Shepherd is a watchful and active dog, constantly in motion.  He has the tendancy to move in circles rather than in a straight line.

Head: Long and pointy muzzle

  • Cranial Region: Large, rather flat than rounded

  • Stop: Moderate

  • Facial Region:

  • Nose: Black

  • Eyes: Brown, give the dog an intelligent look

  • Ears: Triangular, stiff, well placed, upright and medium large

Neck: cylindrique, slightly elongated


  • Topline:, horizontal, strong and of medium length

  • Chest: Little broad, but well let down like for all fast animals

  • Underline: moderately developped

Tail: strong at the base, of good length with certain particularities per variety.  At rest carried down, with curved backwards at the level of the hock; more raised when moving, although without passing the horizontal, the curve towards the tip becoming more accentuated, without ever at any time forming a hook or deviation.  Note: there are certain dogs that are born without tail and a partial tail.


  • Forequaters:
  • Shoulder: Shoulder blade and oblique, forming a sufficient angle with the humerus
  • Forearm:Long
  • Hindquaters:
  • Buttock and thigh: well muscled
  • Leg: long
  • Feet: round, cat feet
  • Aplomb: regular
Size: on average 55 cm.
Coat: very variables, black, brown, brindled brown, grey, earth colors, etc.
Hair: always abundant, close-fitting, forming an excellent protective cover.  The length, aspect and direction of the hairs vary greatly between the Belgian shepherd, it is the criterium for the distinction between the 3 varieties:
  • A - Long Hair:
  • Distinctive characteristics: Smooth hair on the whole body excepton the head and outer side of the ears and lower part of the legs.  The opening of the ears is protected by thick tuftd of hair
  • The neck: Framed by long and abundant hair forming a collarette
  • Tail: Hair is forming a plume
  • Forearm: On the rear side the long hairs form so-called fringes
  • Buttocks: Covered at the back with very long and abundant hair
  • B - Rough Hair: Differs from the previous the the hair is not smooth but tousled, medium-long and more uniformly distributed.
  • Muzzle: must have furnishings
  • Tail: does not form a plume
  • C - Short Hair:
  • General characteristics: semi-short hair over the entire body, short on the head.
  • Neck: longer around the neck, forming a collarette
  • Buttocks:Covered at the back with longer hair, laid out in a line and inclining inwards
  • Tail: is ear of corn shaped
General Aspect 10 points
Head 9 points
Topline and tail 9 points
Chest and underline 5 points
Extremities 8 points
Coat 9 points


50 points