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Date Location Class Judge Result
1999 Hoogstraten (B) Youth E. Van Den Broeck (Bel) 2VG
2002 Hoogstraten (B) Open R. Van Wesemael (Bel) 3VG
26-Apr-03 Antwerp (B) Open Jasica-Ditsvoort (Bel)


Best male

29-Jun-03 Borgloon (B) Open A. Koroz (Hun) 1Ex BOB
20-Jul-03 Lokeren (B) Open E. Desschans (Bel) 2Ex
09-Aug-03 Leuven (B) Open M. Vermeire (Bel) 3VG
24-Aug-03 Mechelen (B) Open S. Hall (UK) 2Ex RCAC/RCACIB
18-Oct-03 Interclub / J. Van Hummelen (Bel) Ex (no placing was given)
18-Oct-03 Interclub / J. Verrees (Bel) Ex (no placing was given)
13-Dec-03 Brussels (B) Open R. Pollet (Bel) 3Ex
27-Dec-03 Christmas show - Tienen (B) Open H. Bürke (Ger) 1Ex BOB
25-Jan-04 Mouscron (B) Open A. Deprez (Bel)


Best male

22-Feb-04 Gent (B) Open S. Kaluzniacki (USA) 1Ex RCAC/RCACIB
21-Mar-04 Leiden (NL) Open R. Pollet (Bel) Ex
24-Apr-04 Goes (NL) Open I.Y. Onstenk-Schenk (Ned) 3EX
09-May-04 Wieze (B) Open W. Van Deyl (Ned) 2Ex RCAC/RCACIB
15-May-04 Dutch Specialty (NL) Open Ch. Pichon (F) Ex+
23-May-04 Belgian Specialty (B) Open W. Van Deylen (Ned) Ex
31-May-04 Saarbrücken (D) Open R. Van Hoenacker (B)


Res. VDH-ChA

06-Jun-04 Lommel (B) Open R. Van Hoenacker (B)


3rd place in group 1


Genk (B)


R. Van Hoenacker (B)

(replaced H. Tamas (H))


10-Jul-04 La Louvière (B) Open Y. Dambrain (B) 2Ex RCAC
25-Jul-04 Liège (B) Open B. Harlem (Nor) 4EX
12-Sep-04 Tetre (B) Open A. Deprez (Bel) 2Ex
25-Sep-04 Maastricht (NL) Open J. Brooijmans (Ned) 4VG
17-Oct-04 Bundesieger Dortmund (D) Open I.Y. Onstenk-Schenk (Ned) 1Ex VDH-ChA
31-Dec-04 Haspengouwen (B) Open

Bröckner (Lux)


3rd place group 1

13-Nov-04 Belgian specialty (B) Open Y. Dambrain (B) VG
23-Apr-05 Leiden (NL) Open E. Desschans (B) 3Ex
06-May-05 Europasieger Dortmund (D) Open E. Desschans (B) 4Ex
29-May-05 Norrköping (S) Open D. Ericsson (S) 1EX CK BOB
07-Aug-05 Ludwigshafen (D) Open J. Nemec (Cr) 1Ex CAC CACIB VDH-ChA BOB
10-Sep-05 Oostende (B) Veteran Y. Dambrain (B) 1Ex BVIS
09-Oct-05 Rostcok (B) Open J. Pohling (D) 1Ex CAC CACIB VDH-ChA BOB
17-Jun-06 Dresden (D) Open J. Nemec (Cr)


VDH Champion 2006

28-Jan-07 Moeskroen (B) Champion Paolilo (Arg) 2Ex
01-Apr-07 Clubmatch Chastre (B) Veterans P. Stern-Hanf (Ned) 1Ex


Brabo (B)


A. De Wilde (B)


2nd place BVIS

4th place Group 1

29-Apr-07 Genk (B) Veterans A. Koroz (Hun) 2Ex
12-May-07 Dutch Specialty (NL) Veterans A. Beenen-Sluyters (NL) 1Ex
13-May-07 World Champ. Le Toucquet (F) Veterans A-M Heraly (B) 2Ex
19-May-07 BSB Specialty - Diemelsee (D) Veterans E. Desschans (B) 1st place Vet VDH-ChA- Best Veteran*
20-May-07 BSB Specialty - Diemelsee (D) Veterans A. Klapproth (D) 2nd place*
17-Jun-07 Young Dogs and Veterans Day Lovanium (B) Veterans N. Davidovic (Ser) 1Ex Best Veteran in Show and 4th Best in show overall
24-Jun-07 Brussels (B) Veterans M. Griol (F) 1Ex
12-Aug-07 Young Dog and Veterans Day (B) Veterans M-F Varlet (F) 1Ex


Oostende (B)


H. Gesquière (B)

1Ex 2nd Best Veteran in Show


Maastricht (NL)


J.F. Bakker-v.d. Woestijne (Ned)



Bleiswijk (NL)


P. Stern-Hanf (Ned)

1Ex - Dutch Veteran Champion

Best Veteran in show

15-Dec-07 Wijchen (NL) Veterans A. Beenen-Sluyters (NL) 1Ex
* In Germany no qualification is given to Veterans only placing  

Some comments given during the shows:

Leiden: R. Pollet (Bel).

Well built male, good male type, beautiful topline, angulation front good and very good back, good position of the limbs, good angulations, could be firmer in the elbows, good movement back, runs regularly with firm back, steps a little with the front legs.


Goes: I.Y Onstenk-Schenk (Ned)

5 years, good size, short built, very good head, very good parallel line, dark eye, complete dentition, middle great well carried ears, good legs, little more catfeet wanted, good topline and taillength, color sufficient, very attentive dog, gait good in front, little bit short in the rear.


Deurne: Ch. Pichon (Fra)

Complete siccor bite.  Good male, copper colored fauve, 5 years old, elegant dog, nice expressive head with good mask, correct stop and flat skull, good expression, dark eye, long ears that are placed a bit low, good body, mediolong with enough color, correct angulations and chest, steps a little and runs a bit narrow at the back


Turnhout: W. Van Deyl (Ned)

5 years, complete dentition, excellent type, deep red color with charbonné, good size and coat, enough parallelism, head with good stop, middlebrown well-placed eyes, a little bit too pronounced eyebrows, well placed but a little bit large ears, nice neck and good strong back, mediolong body, excellent chest, good croupe and tail, fitting angulations front and back, somewhat long feet, lovely character, a lot of action but lacks a bit of thrust in the back


Saarbrücken: R. Van Hoenacker (Fra)

Typical male with very good head, good mask, a very slight roman nose, very good topline, excellent chest, stands good on the legs with good angulation, very good coat with good color, typical movements


Luik: B. Harlem (Nor)

5 years, complete dentition, excellent type, long head, eyes could be darker, nice parallel plans, good pigmentation, well built, good bones, feet a bit flat, moves very well but loos in the shoulders


Clubmatch Chastre: P. Stern-Hanf (Ned)

8 years, complete scissor bite, beautiful head with excellent proportions, Mediolong ear well carried but a little wide at the base. Very Beautiful almond shaped eye. Good mask that could be a better single zone.  Excellent flat skull and full very nicely formed muzzle.  Good pigmentation and split mouth. Beautiful neck, good firm back.  Equal angulations, sufficient chest. Great bone, feet are a bit long.  Very fluent and groun covering gait.  Excellent tail carriage.  Very beautiful red and warm color. Excellent character


Dutch Specialty 2007: A. Beenen-Sluyters (Ned)

Well typed male of over 8 years old, still looks excellent.  Nice expressive head with good eyes, ears and teeth, very good angulations both front and back, excellent back, nice parallel positioning of the limbs and firm feet, beautiful warm fauve charbonné coat, good chest - belly line, moves excellent.  Very nice, self-conscious and friendly behaviour.