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  Painted by Ingrid De Vuyst

I received Yentos as a present from Santa Claus in 1998, after thinking and reading about Belgian Shepherds for more than 10 years.  After contacting some kennels, I went to take a look at the Tervueren and Groenendael kennel “of The Two”.  All the dogs I saw there were outgoing and friendly combining this with great looks.  I decided to purchase a male from the combination of Joker de Brunalines and Serena of The Two.

Yentos and his brother and sisters were born on February 21, 1999.  After 8 weeks Yentos came home where he was greated by the 2 male German Shepherds who were already living with us (at that time I was still living with my parents and sister).  Randor vom Haus Santo, who was 6 years old, was not sure about this new addition to the family (this was the second puppy in 4 months time and he did not really like the changes that resulted from the arrival of the puppies) and decided to ignore Yentos for the first couple of weeks.  Xargo vom Haus Santo, who was only 6 months old, was very pleased with his new playmate. 

In the 4 years that followed, Yentos and I went to school and practised obedience and ring.  Due to several circumstances we could not persue this any further.  Next year in spring we will start again in obedience and if we are able to obtain our last CAC in conformation next year needed for our Belgian title, we will start working again to obtain our working test which is necessary for this title but which is very hard to obtain.

The older Yentos got, the more fond I became of the breed and the more I started to investigate and read about the breed.  This fondness is the reason why I want to devote this website to the Belgian Shepherd.  For me, each Tervueren, Groenendael, Malinois and Lakenois is a jewel.

 Saskia and Yentos of The Two.