About Dogs

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

I lost my best friend Bas this year in Juli 2013 i will always remember him.


About 10.000 years ago, when man started settling down and raising cattle, another development started: The domestication of the Wolf, which is recognized as the ancestor of all domestic dog breeds nowadays. Possibly it started that way: Some Wolves have been less timid than others and instead of searching for nearness to the herds they entered the human settlements to search for food among the scraps of meat, a behaviour that is still shown by Wolves in certain areas nowadays. These Wolves became more and more used to humans and humans learned to profit from the social behaviour of Wolves, which is crucial to the close relationship between dog and man. Thus the Wolf became the oldest domestic animal following Sheep and Goat.

My wife and Bas

My name is Barry



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