Bert C. De Loore

paintings watercolours acrylics senzaquarelles

Was born in Antwerp Belgium.


  • Artistic work: Developing a new art form : Senzaquarelles. These are computer compositions, either starting from drawings, scanned into the computer, or free fantasies, composed directly on the screen, then elaborated by using software, such as painter, photoshop, claris, sketcher, ... The results are creations, resembling watercolors (aquarelles), but since they are made on the computer, i.e. without (senza) water (aqua), they are denominated by the neologism "senzaquarelles".



    EXHIBITIONS" The Spiral of Life" in the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, (4 -16 May1984). On a scientific-artistic basis was shown how, 15 billion years ago the universe was created and how, 3.5 billion years ago life originated on earth. The exhibition traveled around and was shown in Antwerp in the Karel Cuypers- house and in the University of Antwerp, also in Boom.

    " The Spiral of Knowledge" in the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, (4 November- 1 December 1988). Giant-sized models of our senses (eye, ear, taste, ... and the brain - where it was possible to walk around- explained the functioning . The main aim was to make clear how we collect and store our information, and how we use it. Science and arts are thightly bound, so an important fraction of the exhibition was devoted to art. For the practical Oswald Kuiken, N. Honinckx , Luc Naegels, Guy Bleus, Jean Bilquin, ...Also this exhibition traveled around and was shown in the Cultural Centre in Hasselt and in the Zoo of Antwerpand in the University of Antwerp, also in Boom.

    Exhibition of watercolours and sculptures at the UFSIA and the UIA, sections of the Antwerp University, March 1996.

    Studies in watercolours, pastel, acrylics and bister, 20-22 April 1996, Aartselaar.

    Watercolours, 7-11 maart 1997, RUCA, University, Antwerp.

    Exhibition of senzaquarelles, 22 June -5 Juli 1998 in the Karel Cuypershouse, Lange Leemstraat, 57, Antwerpen - Introduction on 22 June by Flor Bex, MUHKA.

    Exhibition of senzaquarelles, 30 September-23 October 1998, Rectoraat of the Free University of Brussels, VUB. Introduction by Prof. Dr. Willem Elias, art critic.

    Exhibition of watercolours and senzaquarells in the framework of a group-exhibition, 8-21 November 1998 in hthe Karel Cuypershouse, Lange Leemstraat, 57, Antwerp.

    Exhibition of senzaquarelles, in de Library of,Aartselaar, 3-28 December 1998 - Introduction by Gustaaf Cornelis, VUB

    Watercolours and senzaquarelles, 22 Februari - 2 April 1999 - IPO Managment School - UFSIA, Kipdorp 19 - Introduction on 25 Februari byProf. Charles Hirsch, Free University of Brussels, VUB

    Zimmertoren, Lier ­ 6 September- 31 October 2000- Time, spiral in the web of Space ­ Bert De Loore en Marc Van Boom

    Exhibition "On small format" - Group exhibition - 9-31 December 2000 - Atelier Luc De backer, Gallifortlei Deurne, Antwerp

    17 March- 25 March 2001­ Group exhibition ­ Cultureel Centrum, Mortsel


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