• Do I need to have any of the previous patches installed?
  • No, you are no longer required to have any of the previous patches pre-installed.

  • What are the changes made in this patch?
  • View the changelog

  • How do I disable 1.07?
  • Simply move, rename or remove the _patch107.big file from the BFME dir.(as is the case with previous patches).

  • Can I use the _patch106textures.big with 1.07 ?
  • Yes you can use the texture mod. Incase you wish to disable it then move/delete _patch106textures.big out of the bfme folder.

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About 1.07

Patch 1.07 is a standalone patch - it includes 1.03 through 1.07 - consisting of bug fixes, balance changes, +84 maps, improved AI and introduces the ingame clock. Visual bugs resolved such as the (lurtz)crippled effect not appearing, random delays on constructing farms/mills or the infamous heal lag is dealt with.

No more minimum attack distance for Gimli's axe toss. Éomer, Éowyn & Theoden start as mounted. Mordor's early game slighty buffed by reduced cost on Haradrim and an increased run speed for Soldiers of Rhun. Late game slightly nerfed through the reduced experience bonus given by drummer trolls.

The skirmish AI - this meaning the computer controlled players - will use their heroes more effectively. Lurtz will try to cripple your heroes. Saruman will try to wormthong your armies. Resolved an issue that prevented bezerkers to trigger mines. AI controlled balrogs will more effectivly take down its opponents structures. These are just examples of Isengard ... Note that the campaign AI remains untouched.

Provided you the complete list of changes made within 1.07View the changelog

Download 1.07

Easy to install no previous patches required to install 1.07
Download size: 218MB


Autodefeat Fix

Resolves the automatic deletion of structures and units at the start of the game.
This is caused by a built-in anti-piracy measure within the game. If the game detects any altered files it will self destruct all of the player's units, effectively rendering the game unplayable. Unfortunately, it happens a lot to legitimate users such that EA posts a solution for this problem at their back then official tech support page.

Autodefeat fix

Customize keybinding

Will be released at a later time.