The making of... Bitter Legacy

Bitter Legacy is a game I’m making just for fun. It’s a multiplayer rpg written in C# using the XNA libraries for Windows. The main differences between this game and existing mmorpg’s is the first person perspective and the focus on stealth.

last update: 11-16-2008 I'm working on the AI, which basically means I'm making the enemies move around. They look like pink classic horror flick aliens and attack you on sight. Don't know if this will be permanent, maybe I'll make them green...
Next thing I want to do is add sound effects. I will use some samples from a game I worked on about a year ago but never finished.

11-08-2008 Changes in scope, changes in design... Basic animation is in, next thing will be AI.

10-19-2008 Not much going on. Terrain is getting bigger and there's a skysphere now. I'm wrestling with terrain texturing but I'm going to start working on other things. Four major features are in the planning stage at moment:
- Animation
- Combat
- AI
- Inventory and item management

10-05-2008 I'm in "crunch-time" with the project at work and my oldest son is in the middle of extensive potty training, so I don't have much time for Bitter Legacy right now.
There are two new things to show however: the beginnings of endless terrain

and campfires

09-07-2008 Beware the floating eye!...
The promised eyecandy isn't there yet, basically because I couldn't hold myself and started implementing the multiplayer aspect of the game. Registered players can now float around as large eyeballs, meeting each other and playing hide and seek ;o)

08-23-2008 I now have a small database filled with dungeonpieces and static objects. Levelbuilding becomes easier. Once I have connected my terrain with the dungeon-complex below I'll start working on better graphics. Bumpmapping, fog, campfires, a skysphere and generic trees should be next.

08-21-2008 Screenshots of a barren land and empty dungeons

08-13-2008 Collision detection still needs some testing but is basically finished. Then I'm going to start with the server and database architecture. As I have no plans to make a dungeon editor at this point I want to put dungeon rooms and static models in the database while running the client to see if they are placed correctly. When the game goes online it will only contain very small dungeons with some passages blocked. This leaves room to expand them depending on the amount of players. It also keeps exploration interesting.