Blender Demo

This is a screenshot of a demo I created to show at the Blender Conference 2003. It shows the texture on a model in Blender being updated in realtime, while drawing onto it in the Gimp. I used a patched Blender to be able to edit the textures through a Python script, running in the right window. This is because the Python script locks up Blender, to be able to receive callbacks from verse (there is no timeout function and threading simply doesn't work). The fact that this demo is one big hack will make it currently very hard to redo this demo on your computer. Using this technique as an artist is currently not possible, as this will probably crash the plug-in, lead to loss of data and maybe not even work at all. You'll need to wait a bit for this, maybe until Blender 3.0. If you're really motivated, and have linux installed somewhere, read on.

Blender Getting the Verse Gimp-Blender demo to run on Linux

Here I'll explain how you can set up Verse to allow you to paint an image in the Gimp and see the updates in Blender in realtime, on a 3d model. Setting this up will take some time, is only for power users, and I'm only putting this up because some people asked me how to get this running, after I showed it at the Blender Conference. I've only got it working in Linux right now. Note that this is a hack, and it has major problems and restrictions. It could certainly be done better, but that would mean quite a different approach and a lot more code to write, so I'm not planning to do that right now. Maybe when Blender (3.0) will be more suited for this kind of thing. If you want to get this working, follow these steps closely.