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Motorcycles in a diaper cake

Motorcycle themed nappy cake

Motorcycle baby cakes make a lovely birthday gift for a baby shower. These diaper cakes have a motorcycle theme and have motorcycle items on top of the baby cake.

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Diaper cake motorcycle ingredients

There are several instructional videos for making different nappy cakes and motorcycle cakes. At least you'll find some nappy cake ideas even though it seems hard to find the exact instructions for a motorcycle diaper cake.

For a motorcycle nappy cake you'll need some motorcyle diaper cake ingredients: 70 diapers, 3 receiving blankets, 2 cloth bibs, Linking rings, 1-4oz bottle, 1 face cloth, 1 teddy bear, 1 pair of baby socks, 3 feet of ribbon or cord:, 70 strips of paper and tape.

Motorcycle diaper cake instructions

  1. Cut individual papers and secure the rolled diapers in a paper ring.
  2. Roll both sides of the diaper together at once.
  3. Once the diaper is rolled, take a strip of paper and wrap it around the rolled diaper. Tape it closed.
  4. Roll all 70 diapers.
  5. Each tier should be 35 diapers.
  6. Wrap the ribbon or elastic band around the tiers.
  7. Refold the blankets in half-length wise. Again, fold them in half again and then a third and fourth time. You can iron them. This will be your motorcycle’s chaise and handlebars.
  8. Feed one receiving blanket through the tier so there is an even amount on both sides.
  9. Fold the receiving blanket ends towards the back of the “wheel” and connect them together with the linking toy.
  10. Hook the ends of a bib through the ribbon so that the bib rests on the wheel like a wheel cover.
  11. Create a second wheel.
  12. Place a second receiving blanket through the tier so that it resembles the handlebars.
  13. With the bottle, wrap a facecloth around it so only a small section of the bottom is seen. Place the bottle onto the top of the one bib and pull the handlebars up and over the bottle and bib.
  14. Cross the ends of the handlebar receiving blanket and then secure them tight against the bottle with a third linking ring
  15. Place a sock on each of the handlebar ends.
  16. Connect the two wheels together by feeding both ends into the linking rings.
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